Fibaro motion sensor (FGMS-001)

Hello !

I’va got a problem with a new Fibaro FGMS-001.

It look like when the tamper mode turned on, it blinks every colors quickly (normal) but after that the fibaro is still switch colors slowly (+ tamper/motion stay active and eat battery to the end…).

This is my second fibaro FGMS-001 and I don’t have this problem with the first one…

Any ideas ?



Could it be related to this?

If so it might be best commenting with in the issue.

Thank you @Jamie, I’ll take a look this evening !

But I don’t see they talking about non stop switching color (like when we reset fibaro motion sensor devise).

@Julien_Moors I’m sorry I misunderstood, your right its unrelated.

Finally I’ve just send my motion sensor back and get a new one. It works great now ! Hardware issue.

Is it the Z-wave plus version you are using? I can’t seem to get Homey to read the current status from my two Fibaro sensors (z-wave plus) :pensive:

Hello @MS84,

When I say “It works great” I mean the motion detection works:


Temperature, Luminance and battery reports are sh*t ! Here are reporting since yesterday 8pm (when I installed the FGMS).It looks like the report delay is completely random ! (I’m not at home since this morning that’s why there is no Motion Alarm)

I hope one day I’ll be able to use and trust temperature reports to control my radiator valves but as you see now, I can’t get useful information…