Fibaro motion sensor (eye) and Aeotec multisensor 4 in 1

I’ve successfully included both kind of devices with their app. All is working fine but the motion sensors.
Here the motion sensor sometime remains activated (not coming off after the 30 sec time setted) and you need to knock it to activate the tamper alarm once. But this is not right as you have no guarantee on its reliability.
Here things are even warst as the motion sensor is not working at all. I tried to use the suggested actions read in another post (save disabling motion detection and thant save it again enabling motion sensor).

All the devices are full functional as they were included already in another Hub so it is a Device Handler problem.
I know this was already pointed out in other posts but it wants to be a public request to Homey developers to fix this problems as motion sensors are the most used in setting an alarm detection and must be reliable … and at least working.

The problem is that the posts are not read by Athom staff (at least not officially).

Please use this page here:

I use AEOTEC and Neo motion sensors and both are pretty reliable. My AEOTEC muliti sensor 6 is mounted in the ceiling and is powered by a USB adaptor but the Neo is battery powered. Both will occasionally miss an event but not often so I am very happy with them.

As u alr seem to know the problem, best thing to do is contact support like @fantross mentioned.
If I was u ( I know am not) then I would measure the battery and put the sensor right next to Homey to see if the problem is still there or it’s a range problem. But hey, I am not u!

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Thanks Adrian for your experience, you have a version 6 of the Aeotec … my one is version 4 but it is supported in the app. It is usb powered (no batteries) and very close to the hub (zwave direct node connection). I bought now two Xiomi’s … lets see.

Thank you Rocodamelsheki, I will forward my experience to the Support too!

Just for my understanding: what is ur definition of “very close”?

Well in the case of the AEOTEC “very close” corresponds to 3 meters but as I wrote Temp. Light and Humidity are correctly reported and regularly updated every 60 sec. The Fibaro’s battery powered are one at 5 meters and one at the first floor (5 meters + floor barrier).

Ok. My definition of “very close” is 10 centimeters but hey, that’s maybe just me.
I have like 12 motion sensors, Fibaro Neo Coolcam and aeotec. The first Zwave router device (Fibaro wallplug) is like 20 centimeters away from Homey. The last motion sensor in the line of devices is 2 floors up with heavy concrete floors with a lot of metal in it (ventilation tubes) and lots of water in it (floor heating). No problems with all my sensors but maybe that’s because i have like 30+ router devices in between. Maybe u can measure the battery from the Fibaro eye and put it next to Homey for a while to make sure it’s not a range problem.

Those Fibaro sensors not responding correctly was one of the reasons I nearly dropped Homey for HC2.
Then I decided on to add a z-wave antenna and ever since inot even once any of my Fibaro motion sensors has failed on me (almost a year ago).
And yes, I had a super large mesh network with 90% of my z-wave devices being mains powered…

Join the antenna mod club :grin:

You are probably right. I’m new with Homey and my Homey pro is only a week old, I’m not ready to lose the warranty yet but I will not wait long.
Thanks for support.