Fibaro Home Center Lite Don't Work

Hello, first I apologize for the errors in English, I’m Brazilian and I’m using Google translate. I am having problems with the Fíbaro Home Center Lite device, the device was off for about 3 years and now I tried to connect it but the computer cannot find the device. We’ve tried everything, changed the internal battery, reserved an IP on the router with the MAC address setting and even then it doesn’t connect to the computer, we tested other cables, other computers, in other places and nothing. The device turns on and its lights indicate that it is in recovery mode, but does not connect to the computer. Years ago I configured it in a prototype, currently the distributor that sold the product here in Brazil no longer exists and the new distributor says that they are not going to fix it and they want me to buy a new device. I appreciate the attention and help of anyone who can. Thanks

You are in the wrong forum. As per the title, this is a community forum for Homey which is produced by Athom.
For Fibaro, try this: and good luck.

P.S. Anytime if you sell your HCL and switch with Homey, you will not regret :grinning: