Fibaro Heat Controller - Master Set Point

My name is Kurt and I live in Denmark - so please bear with my danelish.
I have resently bought a Homey Pro and some Fibaro Heat Controllers (HC).
In my livingroom I have 3 HC, and what I want to do is having 1 set as a “master”, the other 2 as “slaves”. Meaning that the slaves are in local protection mode and there set point comes from the master or Homey.
I would say that it’s a relatively simple task, but not for me though… I don’t have an idea of where to start or end.
Several google sessions have brought me nothing, well I have looked a bit into flows and heating schedules, but I think that it’s somehow overkill, but?

Kurt - TheDane

I think that I found the “hot water”.
I managed to create a little flow that does what I want. I know that it’s not fool proof, but my first :slight_smile:

I will try to explain.
My FG-TS-02 is master and my FG-TS-03 is slave and in local protection mode - so it’s not possible to change temp manually on that one.

I made the flow as follows:
New Flow - Enter flow name
WHEN card (Search FG-TS and pick FG-TS-02 “The target temperature changed”)
THEN card (Search FG-TS and pick FG-TS-03 “Set the temperature”)
Save Flow

You can add as many THEN cards as you want slave-thermostats - I think!

Maybe you can help me making it fool proof, or improve it.
I can manually set the set points of the slaves in Homey, and they will only be reset to mastertemp, when I change the mastertemp. on the thermostat it self or within Homey.

Have a nice Homey day.

  • Kurt