Heat Control Fibaro, ATAG, HomeKit

Hi there,
I have an ATAG One Zone and 13 Fibaro Heat Controllers HomeKit. I’m not able to configure these according my needs in HomeKit via Apple TV.

Can somebody tell me if Homey can do the following:

IF fibaro_knob_request_temperature > fibaro_knob_measured_temperature THEN atag_one_zone_temparture == fibaro_knob_request_temperature ELSE atag_one_zone_temparture == 15

Do I still need the Apple TV to control the HomeKit devices (also when I’m not at home)?

Hope you can help me out…

You can create that logic. It would look something like this :

When A changes,
set C to B
set C to 15

Thanks Lennard!
It’s great I can create the logic.
But can I create the logic with Fibaro Heatcontrolers for HomeKit, you think?

And what about the Apple TV, do I still need it in combination with Homey?

If they can be added as devices in homey, yes. Logic works regardless of which device you are using.

You mean Apple TV for external access and for flow, no you don’t need if you control everything through homey. You still can though.

Thanks Martijn,
I bought the Apple TV for heating automation. The other functionality of Apple TV is nice to have, but really not necessary. So I think I will return my Apple TV (219 euros) and buy a homey (pro) instead.
Will I still be able tot remotely access the automation etc.?

Yes, but please make sure your devices are supported.

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FGT-001 (Zwave) is supported by homey’s fibaro app
FGBHT-001 (Homekit/Bluetooth) is not supported

Maby its possible to control the HC with homey via appletv?
I have none Homekit devices so no experience there…