Fibaro FBGS001 Universal sensor to connect wired sensors

I still don’t have Homey, but maybe i will buy it soon. My need is to connect to Homey a Wired Motion-Sensor with this schema (see top right of the picture with the C and NC and the + and -) :

I was thinking to use a Fibaro Universal sensor to convert the signal from wire to Wireless and add it to Homey:


has anyone used this Fibaro FBGS321 Universal sensor for this purpose? Any other idea?

The fgbs321 is only an (old) fibaro internal name, the correct naming is fgbs-001.
But it can definitely be used (and will work) for your motion sensor you show.

Yes indeed, the name is FBGS-001, as per manual:

Shall i connect the C to NC and + and - to which cables in the Fibaro??

thanks a lot in advance

Sensor -> fgbs
+ -> P
- -> GND
C -> GND (can be same GND wire)
NC -> IN1

Brilliant, thanks!

but the Wired Motion Sensor requires 12V to work, so i have to connect a 12V input somewhere to give them power… I was thinking that we would need to add as well a 12V power input, to which cable exactly?

Assumed you already had 12v at the motion sensor, you can use the 12v for both.

If you don’t have the 12v yet, but only 230v you can also look at 230v motion sensors and the fgs-212 (fibaro relay 2), saves you money on the power adapter.

Or of course just a battery powered motion sensor… Enough choice for that in z-wave / zigbee

Now the wired motion sensors were using the 12V from the Zipato Security Modulle, but I want to change Ziapto with Homey so I will need to find a new 12V source for both my external Wired Motions-Sensors and the FBGS-001…

I think any source converter 230V->12V will be OK.
So to recap, all will be connected like this?

Sensor → fgbs
+ → P ← + from 12v source
- → GND ← from 12V source
C → GND (can be same GND wire)
NC → IN1