Fibaro Door/Window Sensor V2 bug - always sends both open and close events


The Fibaro Door Sensor V2 always shows a contact alarm on and off when opening or closing a door. So both events (on and off) are sent when closing or opening the door. It feels like a bug. I’ve more of the same sensors. All of them behave the same way. Already excluded en re-included them. No change.

Is this a bug?
I need to know the state of the door, of course :slight_smile:


What does your devices screen say about your sensors?
Isn’t this bouncing (denderen) of the sensor?
In that case it’s a problem of the Fibaro device.

Als je tikt op de regel met xx minuten geleden door Fibaro, dan zie je het exacte tijdstip. Is dit bij de betreffende regels identiek of zitten er enkele seconden tussen?

Er zit geen enkele seconde tussen. Als je de deur opent krijgt je direct 2 events te zien. En het contactalarm blijft ingeschakeld.

Don’t know what you mean with this. But they perfectly worked with the HC2 of Fibaro.


This is an English thread, so please keep the conversation in English please. Thx

I only have one Fibaro Door/Window 2 sensor in use now, I replaced the other Fibaro sensors with Sensative Strips Guard, but for optical reasons. This sensor reports open/closed flawlessly, for months.
What Homey firmware version do you have installed?
Which Fibaro app version do you have installed?

Homey = latest.
Fibaro no longer in use.

I mean the Homey Fibaro app, not the “original” Fibaro app for smartphones.

I can’t imagine that it is something else as a bug, because it reports the events at exact the same time. Always. Right after resetting and including. All fibaro v2 door sensors behave the same way.


I would suggest to rename those to components or something :-).

Feel free to suggest Athom, but I don’t think Athom will change anything about the naming.
So it’s probably easier, you get used to the term “app” when referring to Homey device drivers. Everyone in the community talks about apps, because they are “Homey Apps” after all. :wink:

Back to the issue. What Fibaro devices do you also have in use?
Why I’m asking? Because beside the “stable” app version v3.0.14 there is also a test version available (v3.0.19). In between there were also some other test versions available.
But the test version v3.0.19 is also buggy. This version made my Fibaro Walli Switches unusable, so I’m back to version v3.0.14. But with this version I notice also some new bugs after getting back. For example the button scene at my Walli Switch (configured as single mode device) doesn’t work anymore.
So I can’t recommend updating to v3.0.19 if you are using Walli Switch.

What I have also noticed is that the issue depends on which app version the devices were included with. I definitely included my Fibaro door/window sensor with an older app version than v3.0.14. If I now include a new door/window sensor with version v3.0.14, it could be that this shows the same bugs as yours.

Therefore my only serious recommendation: Contact Athom (!

Thank you for your reply!
I could try the .19 version.