Fibaro Dimmer suddenly not responding

I have a Fibaro Dimmer which suddenly can’t be controlled by Homey. It gets a “timeout 30000ms” error.
How I can I fix this?

What does the dev page say?

Dev page can be found at:

What I can see when a that it had a route “1-3” and my motion sensor had “1-3-9”. The motion sensor has also stopped working.

Try PtP (Pull the Plug)
Take the USB power Plug from Homey, wait for a couple of minutes (like 10-15) And put it back in
Wait 2-3 minutes and see if everything is working again.

And if that doesn’t work, try removing and adding it again. Don’t think you can do much else.

try adding without removing first. This will result in a duplicate Device ID error. But all your flows will be preserved

Killing Homey for a couple hours seemed to get the Dimmer back up.
My motion sensor still doesn’t seem to work though, but it could be the battery. Seems like these Fibaro motion sensors eat batteries! Must be at max 5-6 months since battery replacement.

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