Fibaro dimmer2 and double relais not working after updatehomey 5.0

Hi All,
I updated my Homey to 5.0 today, but found my Fibaro devices ( dimmer2 and double relais) are not working anymore.
What I tried sofar:

  • power off/on the devices
  • re-install the fibaro app

There is a moving circle on these devices continuously, as if it is waiting for something.

Any ideas?
( Reinstalling is a last resort as it will screw up all my flows)


  1. Reboot Homey
  2. Put Homey without power for 15 minutes

Working fine for me

And did you install the updated app? Fibaro | Homey

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Thanks DidierVU, eventually this worked. At first the devices were visible again ( no rotating circle), but still got timeouts. Bringing the homey close to the devices for the first time removed this error. So now it works again.

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