Fibaro Dimmer 2 - how to disable standard function? - scene activation

I’ve got the following setup:

  • Fibaro Dimmer 2
    – Advanced Settings > Scene Activation = Yes
  • momentary switch connected to S1
  • momentary switch connected to S2
  • ceiling spots connected to Dimmer 2

I would like to control the ceiling spots, a ventilator and the music with scene activation and a few logics. The scene activation works perfectly fine.

Here comes my question: the dimmer is still performing it’s basic functionality on S1 and I would like to disable that. The following happens: 1 single push on S1 turns the lights ON. 1 single push again on S1 turns the lights off. It even happens when I activate the flows with scene activation. One single push on S1 turns the light on and activates the scene. I don’t want to use S1 to turn lights on or off.

Is there a parameter for this to disable the standard behaviour? I read the manual, but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Maybe you can use “switch input 1 and input 2” or use input 2 and not input 1 ?

Thanks for looking at it!

Switching inputs will just move the problem from S1 to S2. I need both S1 and S2. S2 can send up to 3 scene-activation click commands, S1 can send up to 2 scene-activation click commands.

Let’s hope for other solutions :slight_smile:

Yes, but S2 does not switch the light On.

Hi Jan, it does here… If I set “Switch input 1 and input 2” to YES, i can turn the light on and off with S2 instead of S1. I just tried it.

I believe this isn’t possible to disable completely, only for one of the inputs so the output doesn’t change (device limitation)

Don’t attach the ceiling spots to the dimmer.

That doesn’t work. Because the Dimmer need a load. Without a load the dimmer starts to blink red and doesn’t react on S1 or S2 anymore.

Just attach the bypass will do?

With a bypass instead of a load it should work. But I didn’t test it.

Hi guys, a Dimmer 2 with bypass and no lights connected works for what I want to achieve. (I have this setup working to control HUE scenes) For the setup that we’re currently discussing I would then need a 2nd Dimmer2 to dim the ceiling spots. That’s extra costs…

I was hoping for a digital solution to separate outputs from inputs :slight_smile: If it’s not there, it’s the way it is… :slight_smile:

This you can do with the FGS224.
But this is a Switch no a Dimmer.