FGS-214 not compatible

Hello, it seems that the FGS-214 is not yet supported by Homey. When do we expect to fix that ? I bought this device for my garage door and now I’m waiting since few months the compatiblity. Thanks for your support and all the best for 2021.

Thanks for your reply. I have submited my request through the link you sent me.

All the best for the new year

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@Lorenzo_Cantiello Did you manage to get a response about this device ? I just recently purchased one and connected it up and had the issue that the device only went as a generic Zwave

Is that what happened to your device ?


@Matt20v still the issue so I bought another device (fgs-212 if my memory is good) in order to control my garage door.

Ahhh i see yeah, I submitted the form to Athom so maybe with some luck they might add this device,

It is working as a generic Zwave device

This is what i have got it doing and its working with for now

I have more problems with the wiring its hooked up to a fan and i cant use the manual button to turn the fan on now its only controlled through the app.
What is your new device connected to and can use it manually and through the App ?

If so how did you wire the device ?