[FeatureRequest] Make moods a registered state/variable that can be requested when a mood is active

Currently a mood can’t be setup in advanced flows. But also I can’t see which mood is currently active.
I would want to be able to know which mood is active in a room. One example of where this would help is the following.

My kitchen is in my living room. When I set a mood in my living room I want to also include the lights in my kitchen. But when I want to cook in the kitchen I want to set the lights in the kitchen to another mood. When I’m done with cooking I want to disable the mood “cooking” in the kitchen and automatically set the lights in the kitchen to the mood that is currently active in the living room.

I haven’t tried the Moods, but I don’t think there is an active state. It’s more like a scene you can activate - like changing many lights with a flow, but set up as one Mood to set up more easily.

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Save it in a text variable, my guess.

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Hmmm to me it sounds like the “Zone Memory” app is a more suitable way to control pre-defined scenes for you.
To me, Moods sounds as something (still) quite basic.

There isn’t an “active”-state for moods. That’s what makes it not possible to request which mood is active right now.

Sure but that would mean that for every mood I would need to add an extra card because the moods don’t have tags that share their value in a flow.

Zone memory is an app that I’ve already tried. Moods offer a better user experience to define “moods” in a room. Also zone memory does not save the on/off state of a lamp. Tried it many times with my Philips hue bulbs. Also created a ticket about this bug in the past. Same issue still exists.

The reason for this feature request is because I have dozens of flows with many cards and trie to reduce cards and flow sizes so that everything will keep running smoothly now and in the future.

As said, a Mood is just called and the “scene” is set to all assigned lights. That’s all. A Mood can’t be “active”. After a Mood is activated, you can change all lights individually.
If you want to activate Moods on special conditions, you can use variables to “remember” your state.

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I know that it is just a scene. For that reason I’ve titled this topic a feature request. Or should I have put this feature request somewhere else?

No Problem with that…

Beside contacting support, the is no other option: see Ideas / Feature Requests

No it is a Mood, the mood is a collection of (preset) settings for one or more Light’s

The problem is you never know when the mood is active except the second you activate it (there is a trigger for, mood is activated)
If someone or something ( another flow?) fe switches a Light ON that was set in the Mood to OFF or dims another light in the mood relative with 1% , is the mood then still active?

So therefore the mood is not a state that you can check is conditions,

And I don’t expect Athom will change that.

Guess you have to work around it with Flows and variables.