Function - start flow $var

I bought this thing initially because I wanted a somewhat easier way to setup my smarthome…

Thing is, without scripting it seems we’re not really able to set a default. I’ll try to explain with an example:

I have hue color in my house, I have no normal bulbs anymore, up to in the cooking appliances where I even replaced the lights of the cooking-hood.

Now… all the parts / zones of my home are initially devided by “main-lighting” and “ambient-lighting”

I made a cool kitchen-counter flow with dimming effects to make it more “wow”. whenever it detects movement in the kitchen counter area, the lights needed for cooking are turned to 100% white. It sets a timer to 5min and if there’s no movement detected for 5min, it turns the lights off.

This works perfect. But! And maybe this is somewhere deep in the forum already, but I couldn’t find it. I’d like to; when it detects no movement ”go to previous scene”.

The way this could be achieved is by creating another flow, with some vars (logic). So I started building.

Whenever a scene flow runs, it sets a string-value with the name of that specific flow, and sets a Boolean, to true.

The string is to identify which scene (flow) is enabled, and the Boolean is to check IF a scene was active. Because if the lights were off, the need to turn off again.

Thing is though, I can’t start a flow with the name that is equal to the variable. Because you can only pick one from the list and not by name.

If you’d put all of this together, you could have something like:

  • ambient lighting is set to NEON-THEME
  • someone walk to the kitchen-counter
  • lights go to white
  • do stuff
  • no movement
  • ambient lighting returns to NEON-THEME

Anyone tried this, made more progress maybe?



Guess that was Zone Memory App for Homey | Homey about?

Have you tied that app?

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I have not… But I will, oh yess.

I’ll update if it meets my needs. and if not why not… by the looks of it, it works a bit different with memory state of devices, but i’ll see :slight_smile:

Will update