Advanced Flow from Current State

Hello, here is my idea:
In addition to creating flows and advanced flows as one does today, my idea is that you could set the state of your room by adjusting things in your room.

So let’s say I want to create an advanced flow for my livingroom, I have several lights and one row of led lights I want dimmed very low… Other ligths above sofa I want more light on, but not too much, also I want blinds down etc.

So instead of creating all these things, I could go to the smart dimmer on the wall (or adjust it via the app), when I’m happy with the STATE of the room, I could then create a state, then rename this to livingroom_watching_projector

Same with home office, during night I could adjust the room physically and then generate an STATE of the room. So my idea is that you create different states for the room and it records the things you have in the room, e.g. what is dimmer set to, what is blinds set to etc.

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Something like you could do with