[Feature Request] Rename 'channels' of Devices

Hello Community, I am wondering if we can rename channels of devices. I could not find any post in the community forum on this topic yet.

Devices can be renamed in the Homey app or Web interface, however I don’t see how to rename channels. I am not sure if ‘channels’ is actually the right word here, but I hope you got the point: for example a 3 phase energy Z-wave device like an Aeotec energy meter: Home Energy Meter - Aeotec creates many ‘channels’ and I would like to give them a name, rather than the defaults like clamp-1, clamp-2, etc.

Im not sure if we are talking about the same…
I have a Qubino Energy Meter and during installation 5 tiles was created (General, 1 per phase, summary of phases).
I’m able to change every of these tiles in the app.

Is that what you mean? If not, then a picture would be helpful.

When I get you right, these are common names only the app dev can change, but only as a generic change for everyone.

Thank you both.

It is not only about the example of the Aeotec energy meter (which created 1 tile in my case and 16 ‘channels’ - Homey pro 2023), but also for many other multi-sensor devices, like Fibaro’s Smart Implant. Pls the screenshots.

But do I understand correctly that the ability to rename ‘channels’ / individual sensors of a device is depending on the developer of the app? If so, then I would recommend that Homey makes it mandatory to app developers to facilitate renaming ‘channels’ / individual sensors.

Clamp 1, Clamp 2 or Temerature sensor 1, Temperature sensor X does not make so much sense from my POV. I would like to be able to give these an individual name to keep them apart.

The app developer can change the names, but not for you only. The change would affect everyone with that equipment.
If you do not like it, my i suggest a Virtual device with different sensors as of your names liking, linked up with the values from whatever equipment you like.

afaik the renaming of capabilities of a device is not possible by default and not the intended way to go. (even if it would be possible for a developer fe to make this happen using device advanced settings)

For Zigbee multichannel devices I know that Athom implemented way back in Homey Firmware 5.0 a option to create multiple device’s (Tiles in Homey) adding only one (physical integrated) Zigbee multichannel device.

This way you have devices that could be operated individually, renamed, moved to other zones etc. like this one separate devices for Left and Right:

Although not sure it is an option and wil be available for Z-Wave.

Imo that should be the best option for most multichannel devices fe with multiple Switches, individual switchable socket’s or multiple (remote) temperature probes.

Although for a 3 phase Electricity meter that should most of the time just be one device.
I doubt that you can split that in multiple clamps for different devices on one phase.

Guess that gives strange readings as normally (at least as used in the EU like In “Europe three-phase 230/400 V” ) the 3 phases are 120 degree shifted.

I also don’t see an option in the documentation to use the 3-clamp HEM as 3 singel meters, only as for a 3 phase Home Energy meter:

Hi Geurt,

Thx for the reply. Indeed multiple tiles is even a much better option! I just migrated from an old Vera Edge system with some 50+ devices and in Vera, also different ‘child devices’ were created for multi-channel devices.

So Homey; please consider individual tiles for multi channel devices :smiley:. I would suggest somehow to display parent-child relationships, just to keep track of which ‘child-tile’ (virtual device) belongs to which ‘parent-tile’ (physical device)

With respect to the 3 phase meter: I only used that as an example as I now need keep a note somewhere to remember which clamp is measuring which phase. I have 3, 230V heatpumps and I just installed one clamp per 230V phase and this works flawless to keep track of the individual energy consumption of the heatpumps.


Hi Marius, obviously the the request is not to change this just for me :grin:.
We need a structural solution. Geurt’s suggestion above is from my POV the way to go.

This is just a users forum, Petclaud, don’t count on Athom (the manufacturer) to read your post.
So, it’s best to write to https://homey.app/support instead.

But as i wrote, it is there in the SDK,
and for the Aeotec 3-clamp HEM it is not logical to split as it is designed as one 3-phase meter for your home not as one meter for three different devices.

So the Temperature example you give, what type/brand device is it?
Have you contacted the App Developer?

Ah I see.
When you use the great Power of the Hour app ‘power summarizer’, one for each clamp’s power readings, you can name them as you like, and get a great overview.

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Hi Geurt,

The example of the other multi-channel device is a Fibaro Smart Implant as found here: Smart Implant - maak een smart home apparaat | FIBARO

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Ah I see.
When you use the great Power of the Hour app ‘power summarizer’, one for each clamp’s power readings, you can name them as you like, and get a great overview.

Thx, I’ll look in to this :+1:


Thx, I just did.

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Athom replied to the feature request:

"I have taken the liberty to add your request to our internal list for feature requests. This will be the request for custom names for subdevices the ability to split a device into multiple devicetiles is already possible at the moment, however it is up to the developer of the app to decide if they want to multi-tile the device. "