[Feature Request] Configurable max wait time on "ALL" card

Configurable max wait time on ALL card + true / false output.

Input 1 triggered + input 2 within allowed max time output true
Input 1 triggered + input 2 exceeded allowed max time output false

When having multiple device actions + sensor states that have to wait on one or the other to do the next thing or even if the whole flow fails because of a sensor state restart the flow. Having a configurable “ALL” card would make rather complex flows with using a bunch of logic cards a whole lot easier.

eg. Driveway gates or garage doors. When closing these you roughly know the X seconds it takes to close.
Example situation:
Sensors that detects vehicle left is closed → command given to close door/gate → #input1 “ALL”
then wait for #input2 door/gate closed sensor. If #2 is in closed state output true but it it isnt within the allowed time frame, do something else (send notification / retry to close)

You could use the chronograph app to start a count down timer from yout first input trigger. When the timer reaches zero, and input #2 state is true, then all is fine, else send a notification.

Inputs and outputs are not true or false, it are events