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What I did in previous flows was if I wanted lights to be on and not be affected by the lux sensor was, when I push button to switch on the light scene I wanted that flow had a card to disable the sensor. The when I manually turned off the lights that flow had a card to reenable the sensor

Interesting. How do you unable a sensor?

Before with standard flows we also didn’t have a ability to disable devices. If you disabled flows that is still possible, nothing changed in that for AF.

Philips Hue sensors can be disabled in flow, there’s a card for that. And can be re-enabled in a second flow

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Make a flow for the lux-sensor that before changing the light (on/off) checks whether the manual switch is on or off. If on then do nothing.
A much easier way to solve this, no need for disabling.

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Ah, i didn’t know that specific device capability. But that should also work in a AF.

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I did that in a different zone/room and ran both to see if there was a difference in experience. Both have run perfectly for more than a year and I just didn’t change to one or the other

Vague memory of reading this more than a year ago, it may be Hue specific

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I use a virtual switch to disable a trigger
Screenshot from 2022-07-18 02-44-06

Sounds very interesting. However, I can’t get my head around how to create a state of 4 lights.
I created f.i. dimmed, day, evening states. But how to ‘connect’ certain lights or sensors to that? The app description is not helping me… and there’s no forum topic afaik.

Describe in words how you want it to work and I will try to show you.

Thanks, Anders. Well, I realize what I described can be achieved with the Zones app.
I just don’t understand what you can do with the Sets app, and how you can add devices to it.

If anyone is interested in charging their EV with Advanced Flows, I have created a Topic for that purpose!


You are using the the app Insight Trends. It is very useful and unique but is no longer is published on app store.

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Hi! I am sorry, I didn’t know. I actually use this app to average the excess power every two minutes over the last 2 minutes, but in fact you could also just take the excess power “at all”. I think it’s too sensitive however, I prefer to stabilize the value. Finally, any method to stabilize the value would work, but I don’t know of any other, and I haven’t been searching…

I am having problems with webhooks as triggers in advanced flows. Using the same format as I was with simple flows none of the flows are working. Has anything changed from before?

Using that flow design the trigger is not working. If I perform a test and input one of the 5 payload tags then it works as expected. It just seems that Homey is not receiving the webhook.

Hi @Philip_Montgomery,

I am using webhooks in combination with Locative in an advanced flow which works fine.
A little difference I noticed is that I use the “is exact” card instead of your “contains” card.

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Morning @Ronald_de_Boer , thanks for reply. Basically what I did was copy the cards from 5 separate simple flows onto 1 advanced flow so the contains card is what had worked previously. If I test from the trigger and give the tag value as any of the 5 options the flow works as expected but if I send the webhook using test macro option in Macrodroid, the flow does nothing. Don’t know if the fault is with Homey or macrodroid as in my exploring last night I found a note in macrodroid that the HTTP GET action that I have set up for a couple dozen webhooks from different phones is deprecated. It’s now HTTP Request and I don’t know nearly enough about webhooks yet to figure that out. I’m not sure how long that note has been there, if it’s months then macrodroid is not the culprit, fairly sure it’s Homey as the action stopped when I copied all thre flows across.

Have you tried with a temporary test flow?
Make a standard flow with one of the web hook triggers and send a push message to yourself.