[FAQ][Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity

Option 1 would be faster but heavier for your Homey (as all conditions are checked almost realtime).
Option 2 would be a tad bit slower but less heavy for Homey.

As it looks like this isn’t an time critical task which should be completed within a second, I’d choose option 2.

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My wife would start hitting the remote if the blinds don’t respond near instantaneously :smiley:


I got my self a bug (i think)

I created the following (advanced) flow:

This flow works fine, but when i remove the logica flow card ‘Airco_boven bevat Off’ then something weird is starting to happen.
I turn ON the airco (using the device on/of button) then you hear the sensibo device peeping for minutes, every ‘beep’ is 1 command given. I added a log to the flow and indeed the flow seems to be looping, it keeps (re)starting itself, the log is constant filled with the same data. There is no error.
The strange thing is that the device is turned on only once and then the flow just keeps repeating itself until i disable the flow or switch the airco off again.

When i use the test from here option all works fine, the runs once and stops.

So no idea why the flow keeps (re)starting itself…
I added a logica flow card to check the state of the device and now the loop is gone, but that card should not even be needed, the flow should only run once when the device is turned ON, not constantly.

Maybe but is it related to Advanced Flows?
Pls create a Simple Flow with the Trigger in the Left Top corner to Log a Notification
Delete or Disconnect That trigger here. and Test from fe the 1sec Delay if the Notification appears?
Looks to me an issue in the “Arco” (sensibo ? ) App and not related to an Advanced Flow that even is it is already on Triggers again on one of the Action cards you use.

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i did, a simple flow with the same starting flow card is only executed once

The advanced flow is executed constantly…

Use a Start-Flow-WIth-Tekst-Tag en place a JSON in it like {“Text”:“Hallo”, “Number”:1.25}.
This way you can have endless arguments/parameters.


Very happy with the advanced flows! I recreated my 57 flows of my kitchen lights, into 1 single advanced flow. I think I’m going to rebuild all my lighting flows, because this is so much easier to edit some logic without getting unexpected behaviour of another conflicting flow.


Cool! But I would lose my attention all the time with such an information overload :wink: :wink:

Unfortunately I found that all of the Flow → "This Flow is started with a [...]"-cards adds roughly ~450-500ms delay when transitioning between flows. This further adds ~450-500ms to every transition if you happen to send across several flows. :open_mouth:
Using Flow → "Start Flow" with the new “Start”-button as a transition is only a little bit faster at around ~380-430ms.

This is really slow IMO… I guess there’s a whole lot of extra code and redundancies built into these new cards for “stability” reasons?

There are much faster alternatives for transitioning between flows. For example using Logic → "[Variable] has changed" as a listener to transition between flows only adds around ~10-50ms delay and doesn’t even seem to add up when transitioning over several flows, but it obviously doesn’t have the fun Tag capabilities… :frowning:


I would like the possibility to add more than one start button, then it would be possible to reuse different parts of a flow from other flows.

If we could name the different start buttons it would be possible? “flow_name+button_name” or similar.

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That would not make it possible to mark a flow as favorite and use it from the homescreen, 3rd party integrations like Google Assistant or iOS/Android Shortcuts.
Guess you gave to split the reusable parts that you want to start separately in different AF canvases.

You can do that with the “this flow has started with variable”. Works great for that purpose.


Why not? If they are named differently, they should show as different. The current play button do not trigger every part in a AF flow, only where it is connected to.

If there was multiple play buttons it would reduce the number of flows needed, and a reason to have AF :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: But I really like the tiny nice play button, it fits better in a large AF, and do not require any if’s. And the play button can double as a favorite. :slight_smile:

I just don’t see the benefit of having multiple startable flows on one canvas behind one flowname with multiple start-names. to accomplish the same je now just have to split them over multiple Advanced flows.

The play button is intended for flows that you start manually (e.g. by a favorite flow).
But if you are really fond of the play button, there is no other way than make multiple AF flows.

Just an easy example of how you can use it if you are open to an alternative insight (not saying this is the perfect way, just some examples I have been playing with). I have 1 AF flow per subject (e.g. TV, Sonos, Lights indoor, Lights outdoor). And I use the start flow with variable to execute flows from other flows. Helps to keep everything really organized and insightful.

I know. That is why i suggested to make it possible to have more than one play buttons, not having to make multiple AF flows for the same task.

And there is the benefit, not having to make multiple flows to do the same task that already exists in an existing flow.

Just move it to a separate Advanced flows,
You don’t have to duplicate it. It i just not on the same canvas.

But Hé if you think it is a better/smarter/easier solution, write a use case and propose it as a Feature Request at Athom. maybe they understand you better and implement it in one of the updates.