Fakta Zigbee and Matter Thread

Need some facts about Matter thread as I find there are many different answers around: 1) Can the HP 2023 satellite work as a Matter thread router? 2) What protocol/frequency does Matter use? Is it 2.4 GHz like Wi-Fi and Zigbee or something else? More about whether they conflict/interfere with each other. 3) Any experiences with having 25 bulbs that need to turn on simultaneously, is Matter or Zigbee better? I have HUE now, with a significant delay in turning on 25 bulbs with one press/group.

There is no “HP 2023 satellite”. There’s the Homey Pro (HP2023), which can act as a Thread border router, and there’s the Homey Bridge, which doesn’t support Thread at all.

Matter isn’t a radio protocol, but Thread is, and it uses 2.4Ghz. WiFi, Zigbee and Thread can all interfere with each other, but the biggest chance of interference is between WiFi and the two others, because WiFi is much more powerful (in terms of output power and bandwidth).

If you want to switch on 25 bulbs at the same time: both Zigbee and Matter support group addressing, where multiple devices are assigned to a group and you can send a single message that all the devices in that group will respond to. This should work practically instantaneous if properly implemented.

However, groups aren’t supported by Homey, which means that the only way to switch 25 bulbs is by sending 25 separate messages, something that Homey has had issues with for years (the issue being that it will randomly skip messages resulting in random lights not being turned on, or off, each time). I don’t think it will matter (…) if you use Zigbee or Matter.

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Thank you, and of course, I meant bridge. I already have 2 bridges connected, and I think I noticed that Matter thread is not transferred via these. I also have 25 bulbs in a group via the app “group,” and they turn on and can be controlled via that, but it is random how they turn on and with a delay. I have problems with Zigbee and, for example, I can’t add Aqara and other devices are dropping out. I have made another post about this here. Support thinks Zigbee might be overloaded; I have about 80 HUE bulbs on it. Therefore, I am looking for new solutions/methods :slight_smile:

The <group> app does not fix the problem that Homey has with sending multiple commands at the same time. Homey really needs to be able to support proper Zigbee groups, but it doesn’t (FWIW, the issue with sending multiple commands at the same time isn’t limited to just Zigbee, all protocols suffer from it, it’s an internal problem with Homey’s command scheduling/processing).

Just to be clear: those Hue bulbs are directly connected with Homey, not through a Hue hub, right?

I don’t know how many Zigbee devices you have connected to Homey in total, but it would be a big disappointment if 80 to 100 devices would be the limit of the new hardware. The old Homey was very limited when it came to Zigbee, but that was due to it using a very old Zigbee chip. The HP2023 has a modern Zigbee chip that should be able to support 200 devices in total (32 directly connected).

Yes, directly. I have just switched from Fibaro HC3, 3 HUE bases, and another hub to HP23 + 2 bridges to avoid all these different bases. That’s exactly what the HP 23 is supposed to do and handle. I have 110 Zigbee devices, 90 of which are routers, and 20 Z-wave devices. It has been working fine, and suddenly I can’t add devices, and if I succeed, they time out

Sudden Zigbee issues are quite common with Homey, I don’t think anyone has even been able to pinpoint a specific reason for it and most solutions are of the form “reboot your Homey” or “start over”.

Since Athom support has concluded that your Zigbee network might be overloaded, you may have to consider moving back one of your old hubs for at least part of the devices. Or drop Homey’s Zigbee altogether and buy a Raspberry Pi with a Zigbee dongle, run zigbee2mqtt (much better than Homey in terms of stability, device support and Zigbee feature support), and use the zigbee2mqtt app to import the devices into Homey.

Thanks, i try delete some Zigbee, maybe change to matter or Wifi bulb or HUBE base or Pi :slight_smile: