Extend Zigbee range over WIFI

Hey everyone,

I got my apartment completely covered with zigbee, no issue. But wanted to add some zigbee devices into garage (which is right below my apartment), but the Zigbee does not reach there. On the other hand, wifi does…
Is there some wifi device, I could add to the garage, connected to wifi, that would register all the zigbee devies with homey? I have in mind specifically door sensor and garage opener.


Why do you want to make it so complicated ? Use Shelly devices. They work via wifi and can be connected to Homey.

Not sure what shelly is, but will look it up :slight_smile: anyways wanted to use multiple zigbee devices which cost next to nothing, so not sure if it will suit my puprose.
Guess newly announced satellite mode could help, but not sure if old homey will be supported.