Everyday a notice or every 35 days a notice

My problem is simple. The flow i use does not work. Why? What I want is to get every day an email. But after two times getting that email it stopped sending these emails. Also I want to create another flow that I get every 35 days on a thursday an email. How can I do this?
It appears very simple, probably I am overlooking something here. Espescially the 35 days flow is tricky. How does homey know when to start that flow every 35 days.

I posted a new picture so you can see it. Strange thing is that it indeed does not work. After two days it stopped working. When for example i try the same flow with 35 days, 35 days from what? From now, from tomorrow, from the day i made the flow, from the moment the flow runs the first time?

Every day an email?
WHEN time=0900 THEN send email
U will get an email every day. The 35 days is more complicated but can be done for sure.

True, that does work, when time is 09:00, but how do you that with 35 days when 1 day does not work

Do not have an answer to your question.
But looking at your flow it looks like you are monitoring battery levels.

Is that your goal? Monitoring how fast your battery’s drain?

If it is not you might take another turn with your flows and see if that work better:
Use the battery level in the when and teigger when its low.

This way you only get an email when your batterys go below a certain level.
Less spam to your and no issue figuring out how to sent mails every 35 days :wink:

Right that indeed was what i am trying to do. I have multiple emailaccounts so that will solve the problem of the amount of emails. Also i try to ubderstand how this trigger works. I can not figure out why every 1 days or every 7 days does not work properly. With the 35 days i try to get a email that the paperbasket will get emptied. The trashcan reminder app does not work for me.

Make a number variable with the better logic app.
Trigger at 0900 AND BL variable is NOT 5 AND it’s a thursday THEN increment the number variable with 1.
Trigger at 0900 AND BL variable is 5 AND it’s a thursday THEN send email AND set numbervariable to 0.
U can drag the tags from the number vaiable to the middle colom for checking.
Cannot make screenies atm but if u like i can make them later this week.

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Sounds interesting. Would love to see the screenshots because i do not understand the way this works

Can do, gonna take me a few days tho

Is this the way it is ment to be?


Very nice!! :muscle:
Only thing is it looks like u get a notification every 15 minutes now between 6 and 10?

Yep that’s right. Lametric is a clock which is able to show notifications. In my case it shows the data of my netatmo wind gauge, rainmeter, pressure etc, but also weather forecast, co2 in my house, upcoming important data. Whit this flow is shows which basket i have to put in front of my house. About every 15 minutes is about the time the other notifications take to scroll, could be less, but that is something I can adjust. Your way learned me a lot, so i was able to alter quite a few flows that used a long countdown timer. thx Roco

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Anytime m8!