EU wall switch Philips Hue


I was hoping someone could help me a little.

I have several philips hue roof lamps and I can control them just fine. But I want the power to the lamp to be on at all time. I have ordinary wall switches and when i turn them off I cut the power to the lamp, offcourse…

I could take away the wall swicth and hard wire the lamp but I want to have a wall switch. I could put in a fibaro switch behind the wall switch but then I don’t quite see the point of wireless bulbs etc.

It would be nice if there is a wall switch that could be wired and fit in EU round box. So that the wall switch would work if my homey is down for some reason. And keep the bulb/lamp powered but off.

How do people solve this?

Niko has wireless wall switches for Hue:

But I don’t know if you can get them everywhere.
And they’re not cheap…

You could use any cheap wireless button like from Xiaomi for example, but it might not integrate as nicely :slight_smile:

Fibaro in-wall switch/dimmer will also function for the light when Homey is down. The bulb itself does not need to be a “smart” one, agreed, but I’m sure you can find some nice place for them somewhere else…

In the UK we have some faceplates available that affix over the existing switch plate stopping the existing switches being easily accessible. Then they allow mounting of the Hue dimmer switches on the front that are magnetically held. Two or One Hue dimmer is supported. Would those suit and are they available for Nordic switches?

Heres a link to such UK version on Amazon/eBay but yours will be different.

I have done the same as @xAPPO but then in the netherlands which are a bit different, dm me if you want me to explain in dutch because thats not alloud here

Hi. Thanks for all the replies! I think I’m going for Vimar products. Vimar Plana speaks directly to Philips hue and will fit inside round 71mm wall boxes…

They also have plates for 2 or more switches that will fit in round boxes. The only problem is that I can’t find a good webshop for all Vimar products