Error: unknown_error_getting_file

I’m having problems installing new devices on my Homey Hub (edit: my Homey Bridge), like Samsung TV or Klikaanklikuit. I get this error: “Error: unknown_error_getting_file“.
I already restarted the Bridge and re-installed the Samsung app. Dit not help. What could be wrong / can I try?

Never heard of ‘Homey Hub’. Do you have the Pro (white ball) or the cloud version?

Sounds like an internal error.

Sorry, it’s the cloud version with the Homey Bridge.

Internal error → hardware related you mean? I would think the app / device is installed in the cloud and all the Bridge does is send a signal to my devices.

No, internal to Homey’s software.

“Homey Hub” is used a bit on the internet to help name and identify it. A lot of resellers use the term when trying to advertise the Pro’s…

Trying to search the word “Homey” just by itself on google is too broad and gets too many hits for non (Athom Homey) stuff…

Tried again tonight, and…. It works. Can add any device I want. Just added 8 Virtual Devices just in case it fails again tomorrow :slight_smile:
Don’t know what made it work again…
Sent a mail to this afternoon.