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Error! Red led after orange

Hi there!

I hope that someone could help me…

Last night my Homey changed from idle to loading/busy (orange led). Because I thought this was an update, I went to bed… This morning I woke up and the led was turned RED.

Now nothing works anymore. I tried the recovery procedure, but when Homey is booting (orange led), it goes to red after a few minutes…

Does anyone know what to do? Or just send it back?

Can u PTP and see what happens?
PTP=Pull the plug out of Homey and wait for like 10 minutes before putting it back in.
Best not PTP when ring is purple!!
Let us know ur findings. If several PTP’s is not working the only solution will be to contact support.
Also note that sometimes, after a normal boot, the ledring will go red and after some minutes will go back to rainbow ledring so plz be patient with her.