Entrematic Garage Door Opener

I have the new Homey Pro and everything works fine. Now I would like to connect the ENTREMATIC Garage Door to my Homey Pro (2023), but there is no App available.
Does anyone have an idea, how to handle this to use the opening of the garage door at the flows?

Details to Entrematic Entrematic – Official Website

Thank you.
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Generally it can be said that if there is no app, then it’s not possible.
However, according to the website, it’s possible to connect the garage door opener with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in combination with IFTTT.
Do you use one of these systems?

Thank you for the very fast reply. Ok, I understand.

Yes, I use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with IFTTT - but it is a little bit tricky (and works not always very well). But in case, can I include a Amazon Alexa thing in a Homey Flow?

Unfortunately I can’t help you with Amazon Alexa (in combination with IFTTT) and Google Assistant, because I don’t use them. I use Apple HomeKit, so I should have been able to help you with this.
But Amazon Alexa und Google Assistant are also integrated in Homey:
Homey Smartphone App → More → Settings → Integrations

Maybe someone else will get in touch who knows what to do.

Almost all garage doors can be opened and closed bij a manual switch/pushbutton. In parallel with this switch, you can connect a potential-free-contact (dry-contact) driven by Homey, to control your garage door. (Fibaro Smart Implant or Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212 or others)


The Amazon Alexa Homey skill allows you to execute Homey ‘favourite’ flows.

The Amazon Alexa app gives you visibility of Alexa-attached devices in Homey - but it might not support your device’s operations. It would be worth a try. Alternatively the app allows Homey to execute Alexa routines which might help.

Thank you for your answers. I’m “stuck” because unfortunately the manufacturer suddenly can no longer work with IFTTT and Alexa (until a new update comes). I’ll be curious then.

Thanks for your help anyway!
(if anyone has an idea how to provide a DiTec garage door / Entrematic with an alternative transmitter that is suitable for Homey Pro 23 - the idea is also welcome ;-))