Entrematic garage opener

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I am a smarthome noob. Before I got a smarthome I bought entrematic in order to open my garage door with my phone. I can’t seem to find the entrematic app under apps on homey. How can I get it to work or do I need to buy a new system for the garage door?

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Most garage door openers have a additional input, to be able to control it with a remote, by connecting it by a so called ‘dry contact’.
You can for instance connect a Shelly UNI smart implant and control it with Homey like that.

Here’s an example to control a motor the same way:

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You provide too less information to be able to answer your question. I made the effort and searched the internet for Entrematic, but got different results.
However, if you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri, for example, and the garage door opener is compatible with them, you may be able to control it with Homey.

With additional smart devices, it’s usually possible to control a non-smart garage door opener with Homey, as Peter has already mentioned. However, I think he mentioned a poor example because the way a garage door opener works is slightly different. The opening, closing and stopping of a garage door opener is controlled by a pulse, but the example above doesn’t use a pulse. There are already many examples specifically for garage door openers in the forum, please use the search function. As there are no official instructions for such DIY solutions, a certain level of technical understanding is required.

Another option are ready-made solutions such as those from ismartgate or Meross. So please search the Homey App Store.

It’s the principle, Dirk.

You can make a relay send a pulse by turning it on, and then turn it off after 1s.
No problem.

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