Enelogic ledring screensaver keeps reverting to P1 by itself

Dear fellow homey users,

I use a Youless LS120E for my energy readout (optical sensor on my analog dial meter). As a screensaver I select ‘Enelogic Optisch’ so Homey’s LEDring indicates the power usage. However, it keeps reverting back to ‘Enelogic P1’ screensaver by itself. This usually within a few minutes. As I don’t have a P1’ port for readout the screensaver doesn’t show the current power usage anymore. I then reselect ‘Enelogic Optisch’ and it works fine for a few minutes again but will revert back to P1 again…

Anyone having the same issue?


Weird. Can you make an issue on GitHub for this?

I just tested myself, but I cannot reproduce the problem on Homey V3.

Fixes the issue for now. Don’t really know how to use GitHub… thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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