"Emulate speech" in a "then" flow card


I have been lookign in google and in the forum
I am not able to clearly understand what the “Emulate speech” flow card in “ten” can be used for,
The little tag in the card itself opens a lot of possible tags/options, neither are clear to me on how to integrate or use.

Are these link any other speech command but instead of freetext, give you some predefined words/phrasings?

I never used it myself (in fact, didn’t know the card… :stuck_out_tongue:) but as i look at the explaining, i think it can be used as input or as a trigger for a flow that is triggered by “Someone said”

It makes no sense to have this as you can trigger flow directly and this emulate only would be there on a early homey with speechrecognition. I mean with speech homey you would have this kinda flows, not with the non-speech homey and homey pro.

Well, even if you can trigger a flow directly, it could be convenient to trigger a “someone said” flow from a different flow so you don’t have to repeat all steps in the original flow.
And you can use this with all Homey’s because it’s the same “someone said” trigger if you talk to Google Home…

Certain things can be done (easier) by speech (pre 2019 Homey’s you can still speak to), then with flow cards, like turning all lights in a room to red.

With that card you can do just that, emulate you speaking.

what do you mean with “emulate you speaking”, please explain

If for example you have a flow like
’ someone said “blablabla123” ’ then turn on lamp 1
Then with emulate speech you can make a flow like
'If button x pushed then Emulate speech “blablabla123” ’
So it will start the first mentioned flow.

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I did not ask … nor is Google home going to do anything with your voice activated flows for that matter.

Sorry, missed that you were not the original poster… My bad. :blush:

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I figured. :coffee: :smile:
Sometimes people just repeat what they heared in order to have confirmed they got it right. One of the 10 commandments says do not judge. Makes life more positive and relaxed really. And no i don’t necessarely believe. :latin_cross: