Else not triggered

Hi, I have multiple new flows where the
“else” is not triggered if the"and" condition fails. What am I doing wrong, it is a very simpele flow.

See the video: https://streamable.com/9g741e

I have tried other “else” cards. But “else” never triggers.

The flow should do the following:
When lights go on, a timer is set.
If the timer is done check if there is still movement. If so, turn lights off, else, set a new timer to check again in X minutes.

Besides the else not triggering ur flows are not correct.
Best start a timer when motion went off.
Someone made a nice topic about it alr.
When timer is empty ur motion sensor is alr off, otherwise it should have triggered a renew of the timer so a check in the AND part is not needed.

Hmm that’s another idea.
But I still wonder, why is the “else” not triggering?

Hard to tell if the else is really not triggered from your example. Have you tried putting a (different) notification before and after the else to see what really happens?

That red triangle you get suggests an error, not that the AND condition failed. In that case, you get to see a stop sign:

In the flow web editor you may get more information on why the error occurred (either as a “pop up” or when you hover the mouse pointer over the red triangle, not sure which).

Does your counter start when movement starts or when movement ends?

As Robert says, the problem is the logic card. Check the variable “Bewegingsalarm” something whent whrong with that variable