Elko smart car-charger


I have an Elko car charger which connect to Elko’s gateway. I am now in the process of upgrading several smart home aspects in my house and thinking of controlling everything with the Athom Homey Pro. Does anyone know if the Elko car charger can be controlled by the Athom?


Look in the appstore, if there is a elko app (i believe there is) and then if the app support your device.

This is a question for @prj_84 :slight_smile:

I also have an Elko Smart EV charger, and it is not supported by the Elko app for Homey. But I would love to see that being supported!

Also, it seems like Elmo themselves are not making this charger anymore so I don’t expect any help from them to update the already terrible use ability of this charger through the Elmo gateway…

If you can add the device as a Generic Zigbee device and do a Interview under zigbee menu on developer.athom.com. Then I can see what I can do. But can not promise anything

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