Elko - smart and Homey

Researching the possibility for a setup using various Elko - smart electrical switches and dimmers and drive everything through Homey. However, I’m little worried after observing that various forums reports Elko - smart products can be unstable, fall out and when they do, difficult to get into Homey again.

Is there anyone who uses the Elko gatway as an intermediary towards Homey, as you can with the Hue and Ikea systems, and is it experienced as stabilizing?

Anyone who has experience using Elko smart plug and Homey, needs this smart plug gateway, or can it be driven straight into Homey? It does not look like it is supported in the Elko app v.1.07. Anyone with experience?

Anyone have experience with Elko smart switch (the one with four buttons) and the use of smart bulbs? Elko argued on the phone that this was not possible !? Honestly, I do not understand why this should be a problem as long as everything goes through Homey, or is there something I have not understood?