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ELKO Smart

Smart, right?

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Reposting this in the correct thread:

Since ELKO launched the official app today, I decided to celebrate by unboxing my new pro2023 and try to connect.

At first I was unsuccessful with the 316GLED. The app would say “adding device”, but give up after a while. Then I tried the Super TR RF, and got the same error. Then I discovered that the screen kept showing “Scanning 20”, and slowly counted down. I suddenly realised this could be the channel it was scanning, and not a timer. So I checked the channel of my Homey, which was 15. I waited until the screen said “Scanning 15”, and tried to add it again, and now it worked. Then I tried to add the 316GLED again, and now that worked!

It is incredible how much faster the response from the dimmer is with the new homey. I will slowly migrate my devices over, since both Elko and HomeKit(ty) apps are new, but it is looking good!

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Another note: The 316GLED dimmer identifies as device class “button”, not “light”. I have reported this to the maintainers. This prevents dimming control through HomeKit.

I even connected one of the pre2019-dimmers, and connected instantly. These are the ones that would only accept one message every 30 seconds from Homey. I managed to flood it by changing the level extremely fast, but it works a whole lot better and completely satisfactory with normal use.

Same for the «Vri drimmer», does not respond to «all lights off». :slightly_smiling_face:

Jeg savner sluppet kortet på Trådløs bryter. Har brukt dette for stopp av en dimmer Flow. eller er det en enklere måte og dimme med uten bruk av flow.

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Fixed with version 1.1.0 :clap: :clap: :clap:

After the update to the new app, I have noticed that some of the Elko dimmers show that they are “turned on” in the Homey App, whereas the light is actually turned off. I have flows linking several lights together with one dimmer, and its kinda creepy that the spotlights the dimmer is connected to are turned off, while the other lights connected to the dimmer via flows are on.

I have checked the device history for the dimmers, and they show that Elko Smart turned off and turned them on every hour… I have no flows that would have done that.

I have the 316 Smartdim.

I see that too, now. My motion sensors don’t always trigger the lights, and the reason is that Homey already thinks the lights are on.

Very strange! And not something I saw with the old app, though I never tried that on the 2023.

I have the old Homey Pro (early 2019), and I i didnt notice this on the old app either…

Is there a way to move all units from the old app to the new official one?



Can someone explain to me how to correctly use the values for max and min levels for the “vri dimmer” (the smart universal dimmer).

I have a lamp that will not light before the load is >30% I therefore would like it to not be able to go below this value. But regardless of the value i put in as min level. It is overided both on the app and the switch.

I have same issue with max level. Some om my lights is to bright when om 100% so i want it to not go over 80%

We have a bunch of Elko Smart products, dimmers, termostats and switches. Everyting works almost perfectly. However now we’re trying to connect a few smartdim pucks. None of the three pucks are able to connect to the Zigbee network. Have tried to move the Homey Pro close to the pucks, but it makes no difference. Anyone else managed to connect these? Have tried to connect as generic zigbee device and as the spesific puck through the Elko Smart app.

Any suggestions on how to connect these are welcomed!

I have only used the Elko relay puck, but I have used the Schneider version of the dimmer puck. No problems. Did you reset before trying to connect?

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand the settings for the Smart Thermostat. Is the “Power load” value something that actually controls the amount of watts the thermostat puts into the underfloor cables, or is it just a number the thermostat will report to Homey as the wattage consumed when heating?

In other words, is it safe for me to set it to roughly what the cables seem to be consuming when heating?

I am pretty sure that’s what it is for. The thermostat is relay based, and can only switch on and off, and does not try to regulate the voltage or anything like that. So I think it is just the value that is multiplied by time to calculate the power consumption.

I have an already existing network of Elko products connected to the Elko Hub. Bought the Homey Bridge a few days ago, and was eager to get all Elko products paired with the Homey! Well…eagerness has turned to anger and cursing as I cannot for the life of me get the 316GLED dimmers and Super Thermostats to pair into the Homey network. 4 Rotary dimmers got added with zero issue. I deleted them all from the Elko app, which resets them to factory settings, before trying to add them to Homey. Has anyone else had issues with these specific products? Am I too impatient? The pairing with the rotary switches took around 10sec, and I was expecting the other devices to take around the same amount of time? My thermostats does not do the zigbee-network-channel-countdown, so I have no idea when it is on the correct channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have the Bridge, but can you change the Zigbee channel on it manually? In that case, try switching to channel 11 if it is not already on that.

The dimmer pucks, mine are in the ceiling and not easily accessible. If I remove it from the Elko hub and reset via the Elko App, is it then ready for pairing. Or do I need to take down my lights and click the physical pucks ?