Elko+ Smart dobbel stkk

Jeg har fått installert Elko+ Smart dobbel stikk på soverommene for å kontrollere panelovner. Vil disse bli støttet i Homey? Har ikke Elko hub, så enn så lenge er disse «dumme»…….

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Sorry. In English:

Will there be a possibility to add the Elko Smart double socket in Homey Pro. I’ve installed one of these in all bedrooms to control the heater, but right now these are «dumb» as I cannot connect them to Homey (pro). I do not have the Elko Hub and all the other Elko devices I have work perfect with Elko.

You’d better ask in the Elko app’s topic.
This link and other support info is often present at the bottom of app pages…
Here’s the topic:


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