Eglo remote controller 2.0

Hello everyone!

As I’m new to this I have no clue what to do and I can’t find anything through a google search either.

I can’t get the Eglo remote 2.0 controller to work in Homey. I’ve installed the app and connected the unit as It should, so to this point everything is working.

I’ve set up a flow as follow:

WHEN: Brightness up pressed
THEN: Turn up the volume

It works when using another remote such as an Ikea Trådfri (of course with the proper card for trådfri). The flow also works if I run it through the app. So I’m confident that the last part of it is working properly. As it only contains of two parts it has to be something with the Eglo remote.
I’ve noticed there is two tags in the flow card, “Long press” and “Group”. Does it have something to do with this?

Please, point me in to the right direction as I’m totally lost here.

Best regards, Kent

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