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Efficient flows

Hi everybody!
I have been playing with Homey for some time now. Homey is step-by-step replacing my trusty Homewizard.
(Geolocalisation is one function for which I still absolutely need my homewizard)

I find the homewizard tasks in many respects better than those “flow” of homey. Where I need one single Homewizard “task”, very often I need more than one “flow” using Homey.

An example:
I want curtains to close 10minutes after sunset. No problem for Homewizard, problematic for Homey. In homey, I am supposed to used timers, but they tend to overload the CPU.

Does anyone know how to realise the below function in one single Homey “flow”?


If sunsets, then close curtains (with a delay of 10 min) doesnt work???


maybe this helps?

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You can even set the delay as 2-15 min, to close the curtains between 2 and 15 minutes after sunset to get some variance in the closing time.


So question to you, whats in this case more effcient in the homewizerd :wink:

Or should we change the titel to “former homewizzard user doesnt know how homey works” :joy::joy::joy:

Just kidding. Merry christmas

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It’s a solution, but it will not win a beauty contest.
Every curtain has a timer running, again highering the CPU load .
Home wizard basically has this timer integrated into the first condition.!


Could you create a flow that closes all the curtains and then run that flow from a timer. That way only one timer.

If you install the “sun events” app, it allows you to set a delayed time to the “when” sunrise event.
Plus it gives you much more options which probably fit you curtains flow better (many moments of the sun path in the sky)

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Do timers really increase CPU load? Because I never noticed that.

Well, it is a clockfunction, no?

The good thing about clock functions, and timers, is that they’re idle most of the time.