(Christmas) Light switch


I created a flow to control my Christmas lights and wanted to share it with you.

It basically triggers every minute and checks if the conditions to switch on are met.

Why are you checking every minute??

I myself like to switch the lights on when it is getting dark in the living room. Therefore i use the lux measurements of a sensor. Also i have a 1 hour timer. This timer is activated by my indoor sensors. That way the lights only burn when someone is at home

The interval is not limited to 1 minute

However Homey flow triggers are very limited and that was the trigger that suited the solution.
That way I only need one flow.

In my opinion it would be better to create 6 flows (max, if you separate them all, you can combine the first 2) that run 6x a day, instead of 1 flow that will run 1440x a day!

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Exactly, this flow is not “clean”, there is a problem with the “WHEN”. Absalon should create at least 3 flows, for example with the “Sun Events” app in the “WHEN”.