EcoDim duo dimmer device in Homey

I have a question about the new ECO-DIM.05 Zigbee led dimmer duo (ECO-DIM.05 Zigbee led dimmer duo 2x 0-100W fase afsnijding (RC) - EcoDim):
When will it be available to add this device in Homey?
Currently it is not yet in the list of devices.
Thanks for your answer.

The best way to ask for adding devices is to ask in the relevant thread, to make a request on GitHub (if possible) or ask the app developer.
It seems that EcoDim E.V. has taken over the app from @TedTolboom and the relevant Homey thread seems to be no longer active, but that’s just a guess.
So my suggestion is to ask EcoDim B.V. itself via mail. I guess they are not active in the Homey forum.

I called EcoDim, they expect it to be ready around the launch of the new product (begin of July).