Eaton xComfort


Has anyone successfully added Eaton xComfort devices to their homey?



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hallo Leo,

Did you found a answer. I want to connect a xComfort swing in the homey system.
kind regard, Marco

Hi Marco,

No, I haven’t. The various fora say it is incompatible. There is also a feature request for Athom.

I bought Fibaro’s to replace them.

Good luck,


Hey, have you guys seen this: CBCA-00/01 xComfort Bridge
It’s compatible with amazon alexa and does not require xcomfort programming.

Hi. Are there anything new here yet?
Since this topic was created xComfort now supports Amazon Alexa directly with SHC (not Bridge).
Can this be used, or may someone “simulate” the xComfort app or loginpage in the browser?
I would love xComfort app in Homey, because it will be a little too expensive to switch out all the eqipment.

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I’ve an Eaton SHC and I wrote a small “middleware”, ( which currently runs on a separate device)
so I’m now able to integrate all Eaton Actors to Homey Flows
If you are still interested, PM me.


Sounds very interesting! Can you share more?

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Is there technically anything that can prevent implementing the actuators directly to Homey?

I tried capturing the 868,3 Mhz signal through Homey Developer Tools, but had no luck. From the available documentation, I found out the switches communicate using RS-232 protocol and double-repeat/confirm the signal.

but there is an additional form of security. you have to enter a password, which is shared over all devices

I don’t quite follow - the physical switch is quite simple and straightforward transmitter. I doubt it’s got the capability to do something more advanced, e.g. sign the transmitted payload with a private key.

Why isn’t it enough to just replicate what the switch openly transmits?

I’d like to know your solution for accessing and adding Eaton xComfort devices to Homey, pls share!

look here : GitHub - hteibler/eaton_srv
this is still work in progress
should give you an idea how it can work


Grreat to see your code @hteibler ! Thanks

I see that in the you are referring to an eaton smart home controller, or is it a way to simulate the availability of one? If the latter is true, great!

As I am still new on the Homey platform, first investigate how to run the Python scripts :slight_smile:

sorry to say, but you need a SHC from eaton

Aaah thats too bad for me then…
Because I have older devices in my Eaton light solution, I need an xComfort Smart Home Controller CHCA-00/01 ( Too expensive to implement

yes 330€ is a lot,
but the only way …

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I’ll think about it

Hi. Thank you so much for this. I do not know anything about this code and how to use it? Does any of you have any good tips for where I can learn where and how to use this code?

And may I see status and control all xComfort actuators for both lights and floor heating?

Did you continue the investigation about a direct implementation? Where you able to capture the signal from the light switch?