EasyAccess EASYFINGER V2 support


will the EasyAccess Easyfinger z-wave door lock work with homey? There is no homey app for the Easyfinger, but will the homey recognize it as a smart door lock anyway? I am new to homey, so help is appreciated

Markus Voss

Normally if there is no app for Homey, the equipment will not work.

Every brand needs his own app in homey, and then still the specifik device must be supported by that app.

So if there isnt a app, 99.99% it aint work with homey.

ok, thanks for the replies :slight_smile: Do you guys know of any other fingerprint doorlock that can be used with homey?

V2 works with homey with a zigbee module

Hi, how did you manage to install and link it in Homey?

Tried several times with no positive result…

Install easyaccess app in homey.

Install module in lock

Remove batteries i lock.

Add device in homey.

When prompted , install batteries (sets module in pairing mode)