Easy to write basic APP: Fireplace: Has WIFI remote

Wanting to try and write a basic app for the Modern Flames Wifi remote - for my Fireplace.

Most important is turning it on and off via Homey

Can this be done quickly and easily??

That’s a question we can’t answer for you, as it depends on how much experience you have developing JS apps. The homey command line tool has various boilerplate generators (for an app and for a driver) to get you started.

But it all depends on having the information on how to interact with the device. Merely having a WiFi remote doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t have access to API documentation (or a network sniffer to find out what the remote is sending).


I have request the API document from ModernFlames.com lets see if they are forthcoming in releasing the info.

They have an App for the phone… so lets see what happens!

Have requested the API documentation

hopefully on the road to integration without packet sniffing.

All I want initially is for it just to turn on and off via Homey.

If not, It does fully integrate into Google Home