Bellfires fireplace Mertik maxitrol 868mhz

I have a fireplce with remote, Mertik Maxitrol 868mhz. I can controle the fireplace with GH and join tasker. But I also want to controle it with Homey, for my dashboard. Is there anybody that have any idea how to do that? I understood that homey can’t controle 868mhz…

I’ve filled-in such request also.
If I could learn how to place the Homey 868 MHz feature in some kind of “learning” state, we could copy the signals.
(but I’m not a typical person to develop such myself - and help would certainly be appreciated!)

Hi, I have a also 868 MHz Bellfire fireplace. I tried to copy the signals with the Homey Develop tools, but is does not record anything. I think the signal is encrypted somehow. I also have a wifi box connected to the fireplace, and the Bellfire app on my phone. That works perfect. There should be a way to use the sourcecode from the Android app, to create an App for Homey… But I’ve not figured it out yet. Hope anyone can help.


The signal of the fireplace is of an advanced algorithm and cannot simply be “learned” by homey. An app would have to be made. I have reverse engineered the 868 signal mostly (and put it online for whoever wants it), but I didn’t go further than that.

I saw that the 868 SDK of homey is regarded as buggy by some people in this forum, so I bought the Wifi Control box and made a Homey app for that. I am lazy.

Here is the 868 signal definition, if someone wants to try and make an app for it:

And here is my app for the wifi box:

The wifi app is a work in progress, i will be finishing it in the next few days.

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It would be nice if you could test my app and give me feedback @Bastiaan_Sanders It can currently only control the lighting, but I am adding the actual fire control in the next few days.


Hey Roy,

Great to see you have ben busy with this…
Just started testing. I sent you a message to discuss.



Great you are working on this. Unfortunately I’m a absolute beginner with Homey and it’s applications. Any suggestion how to get this done by dummies?

Cheers, J.

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Is there already a working app to control the Bellfire fireplaces.
I am also a beginner with domotica.