DRU fireplace

DRU Fireplace app for homey
Hi I did find this great app to control your DRU fireplaces via Homey : https://github.com/amstelzone/com.amstelzone.dru

installation notes:

  • you need to install it via Homey CLI as its not (yet) in app store
  • you need to issue NPM install once unpacked before installing (fixing some issues in downloaded ZIP) else it will not pass the CLI debug stage
  • Then you can create devices and flows i found some useful tips
  1. Start fireplace
  2. Then for 180sec let it burn at 75-100% to get rit of condence.
  3. after 180sec. dim it to your preferred level mine is set at 30%

Special thanks to Arno van Beek for this app hope it makes it to the appstore soon as it works like a charm.
Kind regards, Frans


Yes please…
Is aarno at this forum? (Cant find the name via @)