Duux stops support for Homey

Technically it’s very possible yeah. But somebody got to find the time for it. (I don’t have any shortterm) meanwhile you could use Google home or Alexa as a bridge

i have it paired with google home.
is it posible to control this by flow instead of voicecontrol?

i want my duux to respond to presence. but i thought Google home could only be controled by voice.

Found it already.

works the same way for the Duux heater.

come on @Duux , you tell everywhere that the device is smart, but you remove homey connection, wtf is up with that? I just bought the whisper ultimate flex. And even the connection to the smartphone over the wifi is shit, after 2 minutes connection is lost and I need to pair again. Totally useless in a smart way now.


Nothing new in this issue @Duux? I just bought two of those fans just for the purpose of connect them to homey.

Same here … and they even still say it is supported on their website !

They say, not all products are supported, only the ones her written down.
My DXCF11 still works. HP19.
Not tested on the HP23

Yes i see what they say … my flex is supposed to be supported when i check what they say.

However … when i try to move my fan in the appropriate tab (up down / left right ) … the APP crashes like below.

Its the APP that crashes … nothing to do with the hardware. And nothing updated since 2021

No response from Duux either after i ewported months ago

I can switch on and off trough homey … and even that is not working 100%

I don’t have the crashing problem.
But for the start and stop function you have to send the the on or off 2 times.
At least for the off function.

IF time is 23:00
THEN turn off duux
turn of Duux, delay 1 second.

What homey version are you using ?

Not even the on / off button jn the app is working correctly ( 80 % of the times ok )

Homey Pro 2019, Firmware 8.1.6.
Do you use a fixed ip for the Duux?

Yeah think is my 2023 homey

No issues with 2019 … so where is the 2023 “support” for Duux then :person_shrugging: