Drivers.luna is missing an array 'energy.batteries'

Good evening

I’m trying to publish my app but I’m running into an issue

drivers.luna is missing an array 'energy.batteries' because the capability measure_battery is being used.

I have no idea where I’m missing the energy.batteries array.
The code can be found here GitHub - reyntjensw/Homey-FusionSolar


It might have to do with

All devices with the measure_battery or alarm_battery capability must specify which type and the amount of batteries they use. This will be shown to the user in the UI.

For example, a device with 2x AAA batteries:


  "name": { "en": "My Driver" },
  "images": {
    "small": "/drivers/my_driver/assets/images/small.png",
    "large": "/drivers/my_driver/assets/images/large.png"
  "class": "thermostat",
  "capabilities": ["measure_battery", "measure_temperature", "target_temperature"],
  "energy": {
    "batteries": ["AAA", "AAA"]

Possible battery values are:

  • LS14250
  • C
  • AA
  • AAA
  • AAAA
  • A23
  • A27
  • PP3
  • CR123A
  • CR2
  • CR1632
  • CR2032
  • CR2430
  • CR2450
  • CR2477
  • CR3032
  • CR14250

(Maybe ‘PowerPack’ should be added by Athom)


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Perfect, thanks @Peter_Kawa

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