Doubled winged gate (FAAC 415 / E024S)

Hey there,

after getting my busch-jäger roller shutter control finally to work with qubino AND physical switch (only calibration is always far off) Im freshly motivated to add more shutters and maybe lights (don’t know if I can used dim actors if the lights are already dimmable) plus also the doubled wing gate.
This would make things easier for my wife and my little son.
Now we have a two FAAC 415 gate opener and a FAAC E024S control unit. This time I have finally enough space to add an actor (fibaro, qubino…) into the control unit.
I guess Z-Wave plus the best choice (Homey pretty far away) as trying to learn Homey the 868 Mhz signal of the remote controls is not possible without an app as far as I have understood.

So could you tell me what kind of relay switch (?) I need for this purpose?