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Double tap switch


In my bathroom I have a Fan with fibaro switch and spots are connected to Puls-switch with Qubino mini dimmer.

I want to make a flow when I press one times on the switch then only the lights turn on, and when I press 2 times the lights and the Fan have to switch on.

I try a lot with timers and logic but I can’t make it work.

What do I wrong? How I have to structure the flows ore logic?

For that you don’t need a flow.

Is the double click function at the Qubino mini dimmer activated?

And, what you describes is everything you want to do (1 click = light on / 2 click = light and fan on), there is no need for timers and logic.

Because I have no Qubino Mini Dimmer Switch can you please make some screenshots from the action cards in the section “When…”, “And…” and “Then…”.
You could also post your flows.

what you describes is everything you want to do (1 click = light on / 2 click = light and fan on), there is no need for timers and logic.

How can I set this in Homey? I can’t find where those settings are?

Yes I have parameter 21 enabled but this works as double click is lights 100%

To prevent me from misunderstanding your requirement, I repeated your requirements in short form again (in the brackets). Just to be sure that it is exactly what you want.
Could you please post the action cards from the dimmer switch?

Do you have a flow for that?

Edit: As I said, I have no Qubino Mini Dimmer Switch, so I don’t know which action cards/which possibilities do you have.

Ok, those who can read are clearly in advantage… :wink:
The action on a double click I have overlooked, sorry.

Maybe the Mini Dimmer Switch has no Scene Activation, but I need to know which actions are selectable in the “When…” section.

Thanks for your help…

Hereby the ‘When’ section of the mini Dimmer

Ok, now I understand the problem and that you want to realize your needs by using logic parts and timer, because the dimmer has no scene activation (double or triple click).

How long do you have to wait between the first and the second click that the light goes on and off again so that light does not dimm to 100 %.

But we can just try out, I don’t know if it really works.

That’s right!!

What if I disable the function double click to 100%. I don’t need this function actually. Maybe I can work out something with logic?

Or what’s your plan?

The time between te clicks you have is less than a second when you want the lights 100% with parameter 21 enabled

I thought again about the existing situation.
In my opinion it is not possible to realize your wishes, not with the Qubino Mini Dimmer Switch.
Every time you press the button the light will be switched on or off, no matter if there is a yes/no variable in a flow or if a timer is running or not.

Maybe someone else has an idea, sorry!

Oké, thanks for help.

So I have to use a switch with a i2 to make this happen?

Yes, a dimmer switch with i2 (like Qubino Flush Dimmer) to activate a scene.
Or a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) or a Fibaro Walli Dimmer (FGWDEU-111) with scene activation:

Fibaro Dimmer 2

Fibaro Walli Dimmer

Important: Please check in advance if the mentioned devices are compatible with the electrical system and the consumer. Please check if the devices will fit.


It works now with fibaro dimmer. Many thanks for your help. I also have a lot of qubino dimmers but how can I make a double tap happen with qubino.

See the difference between the action cards by fibaro en qubino ‘when’

Fibaro works fine:

And how can I do the same thing by qubino ?

As I said before, I do not use Qubino dimmers, so I can only make guesses and look at the manuals.
It seems that “Scene Activation” as it is possible with the Fibaro modules is not supported by the Qubino modules.

Is this a screenshot of a Qubino Flush Dimmer?
If I have understood this correctly, “Scene Activation” is only possible with additional momentary switches (see screenshot).

Hey Fantross

Please explain to a dummy where in the Homey app I find the above screen for Fibaro Dimmer 2. I am also trying to alter settings for 1, 2 or 3 clicks.


The screenshot is from the Fibaro Dimmer 2 manuell. :wink:
The scene activation functionality (SAF) can be activated in the advanced settings of the Dimmer 2: Long tap on the device tile → :gear:-> Advanced Settings
Because I don’t use a Dimmer 2, just Walli Dimmer instead, I don’t know if there is a parameter for SAF or if you have to do the settings with raw configuration.
If the setting has to be done via raw configuration, then you have to use these code.
For S1: ID*,1,14
For S2 it depends on which switch is used an which SAF you want. Because with the S2 it’s only possible to use 1 kind of SAF, 2 klicks or 3 klicks.

*ID means the Node ID of the device. You can find the Node ID also in the advanced settings of the Dimmer 2.

Maybe you post screenshots from the advanced settings?!

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Next time please post the screenshot before I’m start writing a little manuell… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks! Managed to enable double click but haven’t figured out the whole setup yet (junior requiring attention…).

Plz keep in mind that the double click function is something totaly different then the scene activation.

Double click activation:


Posibilities with scene activation: