Fibaro dimmer 2 double tap - starts flow twice

I have a very wierd issue with my Fibaro Dimmer 2. I set it up for scene activation, so doubletap should trigger the flow which shuts everything off in my house. My problem is, it does not only trigger the flow once, but twice, nearly simultaneously.

This was long unnotices by me, and it wouldn’t really matter if it was only for turning down lights. My problem is, i have a “dumb” amplifier, which only knows a “toggle on/off” IR command. What happens is, the IR command is sent twice, turning the amp off and on again.

The behaviour is easily reproduceable. Any flow triggered by “Dimmer 2 Scene (toggle) Switched left (S1) 2x” is getting executed twice upon double tapping my light switch.

Is this a known issue? Any suggestions how i could fix that bug? Is it a fibaro problem, or a homey problem?

update: i just tested the same scene trigger on another fibaro dimmer2 and had the same result.

update2: a friend tried to recreate the same issue at his home. his flow only triggered once. Must be an issue with my homey i assume.

I tried to make sense of some of the Z-Wave log. I only found one scene activation line:

[2020-10-03T10:45:19.092Z] Node[5]: Decapsulated frame from COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY to COMMAND_CLASS_SCENE_ACTIVATION, data 0x010e00

so I guess the command was only sent once from the fibaro dimmer 2, and the bug is on the homey side. Is that plausible?

Final Update

Restarting Homey didn’t help oddly enough, but restarting the Fibaro app did:

i hope you enjoyed this monologue :slight_smile: :smile:

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Good it works, good job!

Fun to see peeps still have automatic updates on. An update CAN fix things but can also break things. Not every update is an upgrade. I have all automatic updates to off

thanks for this tip!

Fyi: the problem will come back after a few days, I’ve been in contact with Homey support and this issue will be fixed with Homey V5 (not in the beta now yet). So it’s a known bug!

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I have some flows that are also always executed twice at the same time. One is triggered by a double click action, but another one is just triggered by a sun event.
To me it looks more like a general Homey issue then a Fibaro issue.

Update: just tried to adjust the Sun Events flows, when I use no offset (0) at sun events, the flow is executed twice. When I use an offset (e.g. 1) the flow is only executed once.
Strange, but workable.

So that leaves me with the same strange behaviour as Dima: A flow that is triggered by a double click action on a Dimmer 2, is executed twice. For me it does not really matter as it has no negative side effects, but it just shouldn’t do that.

Not a solution that should be necessary, but a workaround:
When the flow is activated the first time, then disable the same flow and enable the flow again with a delay of some seconds (all in the same “Then” Column).

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I’ve tried a workaround similar to that.
I started a timer for 1 second with the flow and made an “and” condition so the flow only starts when the timer is not active. Kinda like a debounce. However, this was unsucsessful, the flow started itself anyway.

Did you try restarting the fibaro app?

I up on this. But sounds hopeful if this will be solved next version

Anyone already tested the beta app?
I saw something about it in the changelog for 3.0.2