Dose Fibaro shuter 3 work with Homey? How about the IKEA tradfri motion sensor

Hi , I just strated with Hubitat Elevation, and I see that many devaices are not suported so I’m thinking about moving to Homey.
So I have a few questions about Homey and compatilbility:

  1. Dose Homey programmed automation work if the you don’t have internet? Are parts of Homey also saved locally, or you are depended on the cloud ?

  2. Dose IKEA Tradfri bulbs, power outlet, motion sensor work with Homey directly or you need the gateway?

  3. Dose Homey work with Roller Shuter 3 from Fibaro?

THANK YOU , for taking your time !

Hi and welcome to the best community forum, ever :grinning:.
Your questions can be answered easy by using the search function.
Also, please read the welcome post here: Point 13 in this welcome post leads to the answers of your second and third question (which is yes for both, by the way)
Lots of posts here related to your first question.
Answer is Yes, even without internet all the programed automation still works, it’s just that you cannot access Homey via the phone app.