Does homey support klik aan klik uit dim function

I am new to homey and consider to purchase a homey system. On the website of homey there is only a limited set of klik aan klik uit devices listed (no dimmers for example). Are the klik aan klik uit dimmers (such as ACM-100 or ACM250-LD) also supported, and can you also dim the lamps (not only on/off).

Also for the intelligent doorbels there are only 2 devices listed on the website, however the Ring or Nest or Eufy?

Information about the usage of an app can be found in the app store of Athom.
For Klik aan klik uit there are 2 apps:

Almost all the devices from Klik aan klik uit are supported.

When you’re searching for doorbells, you could use the app store to find an app, which you could use for it.

I’m using a simple Aqara Switch as doorbell.