Does anyone know where to find simple HomeyScripts so I can learn how they work?

Im trying to get started using HomeyScript. But I cant find any good example scripts to help me on the way. Or a good reference guide on how the objects function.

Help on the way is much appreciated!

I am also looking for good “learning” scripts. This one I found yesterday

The introduction example isn’t very useful because all of the code that is shows isn’t necessary for Homeyscript.

When you open HomeyScript-page, there are several examples you can play with.


Great thx, will look into this. Just printed sine trees now🤓

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Is the homey script syntax documented anywhere that I can use as a reference.
I haven’t programmed since my C/C++ days so have no json / .Is experience.
If homey script is based on one of these languages could someone advise which one I need to learn in order to be proficient in homey script.

JavaScript Tutorial or any other Javascript description (google learning javascript).

Thank you

I want to have a flow ask me a question as to “Do I want to close the garage door” if when going to bed a check finds the garage door is open. It looks like I can only do this in Homeyscript so I’m going through the tutorial and looking at examples.

But: I don’t know how to run a script from a flow. Can anyone tell me how that’s done. I’ve searched the community but can’t find an answer - maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

I don’t see how, Homeyscript isn’t interactive. There’s an AND card for flows that you can use to send an actionable push notification.

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Got it, thanks.

Where do I find the Homeyscript reference doc?
On Github athombv/com.athom.homeyscript Public
the link to Documentation: Visit the HomeyScript Reference to learn what you can do in a HomeyScript.
leads to a 404 page.